STLTH Devices come with a one (1) year limited warranty from the date of retail purchase by the original purchaser.

  1. STLTH Vape only warrants STLTH Devices which have defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. Warranty does not apply when device was purchased through a 3rd party reseller such as eBay and Craigslist. 
  2. STLTH Pods are not covered by this warranty.
  1. Warranty doesn’t work if the device was damaged by accident, abuse, misuse, water, fire, earthquake, or other external causes and environmental conditions. This includes damage by using e-liquid other than STLTH Pod e-liquid. Warranty doesn’t work in case a device has been modified, disassemble etc. Warranty doesn’t work when instruction of use was neglected. 4.
  2. STLTH team will analyze the device and determine the reason of breakage

In case when all the above statements haven’t take place STLTH Vape will replace your STLTH device with a new one. In order to get a new device the original purchaser must do the following:

     Ship the following items to us at:

      STLTH Vape

     1326 Huron St.


      London, ON N5V 2E2

The package must include: 
1. Original receipt showing the date of purchase and purchase price (photocopies will not be accepted). If purchased online, please print off your order confirmation email (detailing your order number, date of purchase and purchase price).
2. STLTH starter kit (including the device and charging cable).
4. Proof of legal smoking age (Copy of Photo ID)

Only claims made by STLTH consumers will be considered. Claims made by retailers or wholesalers will not be reviewed and any products sent to us along with such claims will not be returned. Warranty can be claimed only by mail and cannot be claimed though any retailers